Quaker Faith and Practice

10th December 2023

Amanda Jones shares how she uses Quaker Faith and Practice as a reference and source of inspiration.

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What does love require of me?

7th December 2023

A question that Quakers use to help them discern what to do, especially when things can seem overwhelming, is ‘what does love require of me?’ Listen to what Rhiannon Grant says on the subject on BBC Radio 2’s Pause for Thought.

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The Quaker Way by Rex Ambler

3rd December 2023

William Eston reviews The Quaker Way: A Rediscovery by Rex Ambler on his YouTube channel. The book is for those not familiar with Quaker practice and in the video William briefly covers the main elements of Quakerism.

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Quaker Education Opportunities

28th November 2023

Quakers are encouraged to live their lives adventurously. Jane King shares her experience of teaching in the small town of Brummana in Lebanon.


Totnes Quaker on BBC Radio Devon

25th November 2023

Totnes Quaker Nick Bilbrough speaks on BBC Radio Devon's Have Faith about his faith and his charity Hands Up. Hands Up connects children in Gaza with children around the world through creative projects. Listen to Nick starting at 2.04.57 on BBC Sounds.

Harbour or ocean?

19th November 2023

Helen Drewery describes how a Quaker Meeting can feel like a safe harbour providing shelter from the storms of our daily lives – or is it the other way round?


A Labour of Love

16th November 2023

Lucy Price shares her thoughts on the meaning of ‘worship’ and how it is the affirmation of what is of worth.


Changing Perspective from Tradition to Unity in Action

12th November 2023

Daniel Flynn shares how Quaker Meeting for Worship helps him, and others, find a wider perspective and how our interconnection can lead to everyday actions in the service of others.


A Quaker's Blank Canvas

9th November 2023

Angela Arnold shares how as a writer and artist she finds commonalities in the creative process and Quaker Meeting for Worship.

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Experiment with Light

4th November 2023

Amanda Jones describes the experiment with light practice and compares it to Quaker Meeting for Worship and Transcendental Mediation.

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Walking with my Quaker God

30th October 2023

Steven Johnson writes about being enlightened by God. Quakers have different names for God, including Love, Light, Spirit, Energy, Mother, Father, Parent, Ineffable, Being. Whatever we call God it is felt within us, always loving, a peaceful inner warmth.


Paths to Meeting

27th October 2023

Helen Drewery reflects on what brought her to a Quaker Meeting and the various paths others take.

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When we Minister, Something Stirs – Alistair Heslop

22nd October 2023

In the fifth of our series on Ministry, Alistair Heslop shares how it is something deep within that decides if he stands to speak.

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Caring with Time

19th October 2023

Amanda Jones shares how being a carer from an early age has helped her manage her time and appreciate her Quaker community.

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When we Minister, Something Stirs - Daniel Flynn

15th October 2023

In the fourth post of our series on ministry, Daniel Flynn explains how reading Quaker Faith and Practice influenced ministry at his Meeting and how ministry has become part of his life.


My Quaker Journey - Barbara Childs

14th October 2023

Barbara shares how exploring the practices of early Quakers through Experiment with Light helped her make sense of Quaker writings and enriched her life.

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When we Minister, Something Stirs – Sean Jacke

12th October 2023

In the third of our series on Ministry, Sean Jacke shares his experience of ministry and how it comes from a special place - a place that connects us all.


Living Adventurously – Joe McRoberts

7th October 2023

Joe talks about how the Quaker advice to ‘live adventurously’ resonated with him when taking the leap to start his own business and how sitting in Quaker meeting guides him.

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When we Minister, Something Stirs – Helen Drewery

3rd October 2023

In the second of our series on Ministry Helen Drewery shares her experience of ministry bubbling up in the room during Meeting for Worship.

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The Gift of Pilgrimage

30th September 2023

Marina Raywood shares her experience of her first pilgrimage, including her excitement, fears and what she learnt along the way.

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When we Minister, Something Stirs - Angela Arnold

23rd September 2023

In this first of a series of articles by Quakers about their experience of ministry, Angela Arnold shares the variety of what has ‘come to’ her during Quaker Meeting for Worship.

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Finding a spiritual home

17th September 2023

Sean Jacke outlines why trying a Quaker meeting might feel like a homecoming for those who are spiritual but without a spiritual home.


Deep Dive Through Wave: Face the Future

14th Sept 2023

Ruth Lambert distills elements of Quakerism in a short poem.


Is the "Quaker Oats Guy" a Quaker?

10th September 2023

Keith Braithwaite explains why the Quaker Oats logo came about how many successful businesses were success due to the values of their Quaker founders.


Discovering Quakers - Daniel Flynn

5th September 2023

Daniel Flynn shares his answers to two key questions; ‘What attracted me to Quakers?’ and ‘Why do I remain a Quaker today?’.


Roots in Revolution

26th August 2023

Sean Jacke explains the birth of Quakerism in the revolutionary atmosphere of the 17th century and how the practices and traditions are alive today.

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Questioning the Quaker Foundations of British Businesses

19th August 2023

Suzanne Watts shares her fascination of how early Quaker businesses, such as Cadbury, Rowntree and Frys, thrived due to their reputations for honesty and fair-trading.

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Prayer – One Quaker’s experience

14th August 2023

We invited Friends to reflect on aspects of their spiritual life. Marina tells us what ‘prayer’ means to her.

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What, Quakers Don't Vote?

10th August 2023

Angela Arnold describes how Quakers make decisions without voting – a practice that goes back over 350 years.

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Stillness in a Challenged Landscape

26th July 2023

Amanda Jones reflects on how living with disability is challenging and how she finds support with Quakers and how silence helps her listen to her spiritual world and find answers.

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Are Quakers Good?

20th July 2023

Angela Arnold reflects on the reaction of a friend to the news she had joined Quakers and how for us all goodness is a work in progress.

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Truth Matters

17th July 2023

The inaugural Quaker Truth and Integrity Award has been awarded to investigative journalist Carole Cadwalladr in recognition of her work, including her investigation exposing Cambridge Analytica and it’s role in the 2016 Presidential Campaign and the Brexit referendum.


The Men In My Life

30th June 2023

Listen to Rhiannon Grant on BBC Radio 2’s Pause for Thought talk on the theme of ‘The Men In My Life’, reflecting on how she values how many of the men in her life don’t to follow traditions, including her father who refused to give her away on her wedding day.

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So What Do Quakers Believe?

19th June 2023

Angela Arnold sheds some light on the puzzling question of what Quakers believe.

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Becoming a Quaker - Jane Nethercott

31st May 2023

Jane Nethercott shares how having first come across Quakers early in life it wasn’t until later that she turned to Quakerism to find some order and meaning to her life.

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12th May 2023

Andrew Lane speaks on BBC Radio 2’s Pause for Thought about his daydream about what he would do as a Quaker if he was King.

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Words, words, words

4th May 2023

Angela Arnold shares how she found Quakers and how words can be helpful and frustrating.

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Mystery Of It All

28th April 2023

Listen to Andrew Lane on BBC Radio 2’s Pause for Thought talk about how spending time in nature, ‘counting the green’ as his friend Ed calls it, can help build stronger spiritual connections with the world around us.

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Finding Quakers - Caroline Tisdall

19th April 2023

Caroline shares how she came to Quakers and the nudges that were part of her journey.



31st March 2023

Robert Ashton talks about how community life at his Quaker Meeting is returning after the pandemic and how appreciates belonging to a community of Quakers.


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Finding Quakers – Geoffrey Durham

22nd March 2023

Geoffrey shares his early experiences of going to a Quaker Meeting. Adapted from his book Being a Quaker: a guide for newcomers.


'Curious about Quakers' at Rookhow

3rd March 2023

David Simpson shares his experience of the 'Curious about Quakers' held at Rookhow.


What do Quakers believe? – Robert Ashton

3rd Feb 2023

I’d been attending Quaker meetings in Norwich for a few weeks and rather enjoying the break from the noise and bustle of everyday life they provided; but I began to worry...


The Quaker Story in six minutes

25th Jan 2023

This animated video commissioned by Sidcot Quaker School tells the story of Quakers in less than six minutes.


Finding stillness in a Quaker meeting

20th Jan 2023

Many Quakers use the term “centering down” to describe how they calm the mind in a Quaker meeting. The approach is different for each individual. Sharon L Shelley shares her process for finding stillness.


“Come, sit with me a while in the silence.”

11th Jan 2023

It’s Sunday so you know what that means? Quaker meeting. Come through the door into the silence and sit with me. There is nothing to see but what is stirring in your soul. Relax, get comfortable...


Talking to Lyndsay Burtonshaw

23rd Dec 2022

Roly Taylor talks to Lyndsay Burtonshaw about how she first came to Quakers, sitting in silence and her Quaker meeting's response to her activism.


Norwich Quaker Meeting House

Finding Quakers - Robert Ashton

20th December 2022

It was curiosity that prompted me to hesitantly walk down Upper Goat Lane in Norwich one Sunday morning and approach the Quaker Meeting House...


Introducing Discovering Quakers

10th December 2022

Welcome to the Discovering Quakers website, a place for people curious about Quakers to quickly learn what Quakers are all about and easily find other sources of useful information...