17th January

Do you know that niggling idea which won’t leave you alone? It wriggles around reappearing in inopportune moments. Sometimes it insists for many years and appears randomly again. We are frightened to acknowledge it and turn away, put it in a box and tightly close the lid.

It is your heart speaking to you, what is within is trying to get out.

But friends may discount the idea, some take it for their own, you may forget about it.

As a Quaker this is a Leading. It comes from somewhere else, deep within where my Light is, where God lives. A Leading comes from nowhere, it is as if I can’t control it and it’s for the greater good. What must I do with it, shout it out all over town? No.

I sit with the Leading, which means I give it some time to settle. Sitting in silence allows it to relax and I understand it. Listening to my heart, I empty my head. Thoughts are not welcome whilst sitting with it, I just let them float past.

Then my Leading becomes clearer, coincidences often occur in relation to it, other people may mention something which fits with it. In a Quaker Meeting for Worship it is common for the Leading to be offered by several Friends just coincidentally, because it is coming from God.

Gently I share my Leading and Friends discern it with me, just letting it be for a while, taking the rush of life out of its way. When we are happy it is the right way a seed is planted. You know the people who claim the idea as their own? Well, if it’s your seed which started it, it’s still something to cherish with kindness. Jealousy and competition is theirs to own, not yours.

As we move through life we learn to leave our worried, anxious cries behind. Stress is present, yes, but once our whole time was full of busy thoughts aggravating time. When we find peace these settle and we live in the present. During these turbulent times we live in the past or future.

Within the present is love. And that is where Leadings originate.

Amanda Jones – Okehampton Quaker Meeting

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