Truth Matters

17th July 2023

Truth and integrity have been at the heart of Quakerism since it emerged in the 17th Century. These core Quaker values lead some Quakers to work to highlight and challenge the injustices, inequality and hypocrocy they see in the modern world.

One such initiative is the creation of the Quaker Truth and Integrity Group (QTIG) to address a deeply felt concern about the state of truth and integrity in public life in Britain.

In June, the Group awarded its inaugural Quaker Truth and Integrity Award to investigative journalist Carole Cadwalladr saying “as an investigative journalist and author, Carole has with great courage exposed serious instances of malpractice and threats to democracy.” There’s more about Carole’s award here.

The QTIG website provides more details about how Carole’s tireless work with Cambridge Analytica ex-employee turned whistleblower Christopher Wylie resulted in the exposure of data harvesting during Donald Trump’s 2016 US presendential campaign and how it played a role in the Brexit referendum. Carole’s reporting led to the downfall of Cambridge Analytica and a public apology from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg who was forced to testify before Congress.