This page provides links to videos, podcasts and articles by Quaker organisations and others who have created content about Quakers.


An introduction to Quakers

Quakers at Watford Quaker Meeting share how they first became to Quakers and why silent worship is important to them.

Play time: 8:43

Quaker beliefs

Different Quakers share their thoughts on what Quakers believe.​

Play time: 3:23

Quaker worship

A number of Quakers share what they experience while sitting in silence and what it means to them.​

Play time: 3:28

The Quaker Story in 6 minutes

This animated video commissioned by Sidcot Quaker School tells the story of Quakers in less than six minutes.

Play time: 5:50

Hozier shares thoughts on his Quaker upbringing

Irish artist Hozier talks about his religious upbringing in this 2019 interview with Scandinavian talk show Skavlan.

Play time: 9:34

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard talks about Quakerism

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard talks about Quakerism and her life as a Quaker.

Play time: 21:19

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard answers assumptions about Quakerism

Play time: 14:50

Talking to Lyndsay Burtonshaw

Lyndsay Burtonshaw talks to Roly Taylor about how she first came to Quakers, sitting in silence and her Quaker meeting's response to her activism.

Play time: 13:25


George Fox and the Quakers

A BBC programme where Melvyn Bragg and his guests discuss the foundation of the Religious Society of Friends, otherwise known as the Quakers, in the 17th century.​

Play time: 42 mins

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The Quaker Way – Jennifer Kavanagh

David Blower of the Nomads podcast talks to Jennifer Kavanagh about the Quaker Way and her experience of Quakerism. In addition to covering many aspects of the Quaker Way, they discuss how to be a practical mystic, how to subvert hierarchies by being silent, how to be part of a Christian religion without being a Christian, how to have a church without a leader, and what not to call the Queen.

Play time: 35 mins

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