Deep Dive Through Wave: Face the Future

14th Sept 2023

Have Quakers been MOVED with Tides and Times,

still daring to straddle all paradoxes in our endless Quest

to bring Heaven to Earth, for the Square to fit the Circle,

for the Chakras to resonate, for Past, Present and Future to align

in Heavenly Peace right here, right now...?


Setting the scene for adopting a new Quaker World Language of Colour :-

Seamlessly, recognisably in synchronicity with all traditions, nature-based;

Spirit-Stillness effortlessly wrapping around the Blue Planet, our only home,

Cherishing EACH ‘spark’ in God’s World Family no less, including ALL sentient beings;

Powerful ‘draw-down’ of fusion-ed energy, MOVED, aligned with the Spirit,

to dare together to ‘Do Right’ locally as globally, as led, on Zoom as on the doorstep...



IMAGINE it’s Paradise on Earth

Don’t Worry, Be Happy !

and come to Quaker Stillness to find out how to survive life on the Edge:


The Way Through is clearly Light, Transformative Fusion,

burst into the 7 colours of the Rainbow.

‘How to...’ lies in expressing our S P I C E S Testimonies, which hold good

and help us sense the Way Through even now and despite ‘Noah's Flood’.

A fresh way of seeing our Quaker GREY, (as in Elisabeth Fry’s bonnet),

is the LIGHT brimming over into

my precious, gifted Rainbow scarf where I wear

Yellow for E quality with no-one left behind

Orange for Jazzing up the Future with more JOY, less Carbon Stewardship

Red for S implicity, live simply so others can simply live

Green for S ustain-Ability, one-planet's resources living

Blue for P eace-Making always

Indigo for I ntegrity, no secrets from God

Violet for C ommunity where EVERY SOUL can contribute


Ruth Lambert - Jesus Lane Quaker Meeting, Cambridge